What to Look for in Multiple Listing Service Websites

Buying or selling a home is no longer as hard as it was in the past. Before, people had to refer to MLS information in book form. These were updated weekly and were published on a monthly basis, and people had to go to the realtor’s office just to see the information published on these books. Although it might have worked for people in the past, nowadays it’s no longer convenient because most of us already use the internet in conducting various searches.

Real-EstateIf you are selling your home or looking for one in Long Island, NY, the search engine must have probably given you a lot of search results. While some websites may be accurate in terms of keywords, you may find that some are not even relevant at all. What do you then search for in MLS of Long Island websites?

Covered Areas

If you have just begun your search for new homes in MLS Long Island sites, you may want to see the areas covered by their listings. The more areas they cover, the better, as this will give you more options for your new home. However, the problem with this is that it may return too many options on your search results, making it difficult for you to choose the most appropriate location for your convenience. For more reference,  you can also visit li-realestatefinder.

Search Options

The search options must allow the user to narrow down the results according to their preferred criteria. It is a good thing if the website you’re looking at covers many areas in Long Island, but it would be better if you can filter the results by choosing which areas you prefer to live in. It is also advisable if the results can be further filtered by price range, house age, number of bedrooms, etc.

Sign-up and Registration

It is better to look for homes in an MLS Long Island website which lets you sign-up and register before you can avail of their services. In this manner, it would be easier for you to track down your options and transactions by just signing in to your account. This is also helpful especially if the website offers e-mail updates to prospective buyers and sellers.

Recently Sold Properties

It would be preferable if the website has a page for recently sold properties. This is one way of finding out how the listing agents sell homes in the area. In addition, this will also let you know if someone else has already purchased the home that you listed among your options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, looking for or selling a house is not easy so an MLS Long Island website must have a FAQ page. This will certainly be helpful to the buyer, the seller, and the agent because it will save them the time and hassle of asking questions that have been given the same answers over and over again. It will also let people know other things regarding the whole transaction that they may not have otherwise thought of before reading through the FAQs.