How to Choose The Best TaylorMade Golf Clubs

For professional golfers, one of the best golf club brands is TaylorMade. It has been known for offering high-quality golf clubs and equipments that ensure a worthwhile golf experience. From putters to wedges, TaylorMade has been developing golf clubs that will surely make a golfer’s performance even better. Choosing Taylormade golf clubs is a good decision.Since there are a handful of products to choose from, it may still be confusing and difficult to get the most suitable golf clubs for you.

Given below are several tips that can help you in choosing the best TaylorMade golf clubs.

•TaylorMade drivers

golf-clubThe main thing that must be put into consideration is the driver’s loft. The average swing sweep of regular golfers is about 90 mph. Thus, if your swing sweep is 90 mph, then you must have a driver with a higher loft. If it is your first time to play golf, you must look for a driver with 12-degree loft or more. TaylorMade allows its customers to choose their desired shaft length. The usual shaft length of off-the-rack golf clubs is 46 inches. Mostly, professional and long-time golfers prefer 44-inch or 45-inch shaft length. You may opt to choose their best-selling drivers such as SLDR 430 and JetSpeed TP driver. Other things that must be put into consideration are swing weight, grip, and head size.

•TaylorMade Irons

Another important thing in playing golf is the golf iron. Choosing a suitable golf iron relies on how well you master the game and how much you need for improvement. Actually, TaylorMade offers 3 kinds of golf irons, which are made for different levels of learning capacity. The three kinds are: player’s iron, super improvement iron and improvement iron. If you are a first-time golfer, it is advisable for you to use the improvement iron.

Among the different types of golf clubs, golf iron is the most expensive club. Luckily, TaylorMade provides high-quality golf irons at a reasonable price. The most common mistake of golfers is that they buy expensive golf irons without even exerting enough effort to improve their skills. For beginners, it is advisable to spend 300 USD or less for golf irons. The two most recommended TaylorMade golf irons are RocketBladez individual golf iron and SpeedBlade individual golf iron.

•TaylorMade wedges

The key to become a good golfer is to select the right golf wedge. It can absolutely improve your performance and accuracy of every hit. You need to consider the loft, finish and bounce level. The type of finish depends on your personal preference and does not affect your overall performance. The things that can influence your scoring ability are the bounce and loft.

For first-time golfers, it would be better to buy golf wedges with a loft not more than 56 degrees. However, many professionals recommended that a 58-degree loft is suitable to make someone’s performance better. For the bounce, the standard measurement is the most appropriate to have. However, you must consider the golf course first to know the preferable bounce level. The bounce level ranges from 2 to 4.

A lower bounce level is advisable if you will play golf on a stiff and dry land. Ideally, your golf iron must be bought first before choosing your golf wedge. Afterwards, just match the shaft length of your golf iron with the shaft length of the golf wedge.The best-selling TaylorMade golf wedge is the Tour Preferred wedge. As compared to golf irons, golf wedges are cheaper and thus buying one is reasonable. As much as possible, do not buy very expensive clubs if you’re still a beginner. This will prevent you from damaging them since beginners tend to make a lot of mistakes during their first game.