Making Your Own Custom Challenge Coins

A challenge coin is a medallion that bears theinsignia or emblem of an organization’s insignia or emblem. They are carried by members as proof of membership. These small coins are also meant toboost morale. An attractive challenge coin is a boost to a group’s morale and an attractive and unique piece of the organization’s history.

Designing your own custom is not easy. In fact, it can be a very difficult task, even more so if this is the first time that you will be making it on your own. It is not enough to think of the perfect insignia and then draw it on paper. Heck, even on paper, it might not turn out how you thought it would. However, with a bit of care and planning, your group can have a reasonably priced, interesting, and unique piece of history you can all carry and keep.


You need to have a keen eye for art when designing your own challenge. Enrolling in an art class to learn how to create beautiful challenge coin designs. Behind it all, creativity is paramount in making the perfect custom challenge .

When thinking about the design for the emblem you are going to mint on your challenge , you should focus on essential elements like its theme, symbolism, style, color, and its uniqueness. The coin is going to represent your team or organization. It needs to include your organization’s name or motto (if you have one) on the custom .

Your group’s emblem must also reflect the theme that you have agreed on. Think thoroughly about the lettering, the symbols, plain or 3D, and every little detail that you want to appear in your custom . And that’s just the emblem. Minting the coin is a different process altogether.

The first step is to get metal sheets that meet the desired thickness that you want for your coins. Buying sheets metal means that you can skip having to melt metal down to create the sheets.

For the minting process to begin, you will need blanks. You can make blanks by cutting out coin-shaped pieces of metal from the metal sheets. These blanks will then be placed into a stamp that imprints the images that are carved in reverse to create the design of the challenge  into the blanks through pressure.

There is also another way that you can make challenge . This method involves replicating a process that is usually done in modelling. You can make a mould of your coin design from plaster casts carved by hand. With your mould, you can melt metal bars and pour it into the mould to create your custom challenge . The end result will be a coin that is less detailed than the pressed coins and lot rougher.

Rather than make a challenge coin it will be a lot easier to just buy them. You can also make your own design and have a coin manufacturer mint the coin for you. A lot of countries have companies who make challenge coins. They usually hire people to make certain modifications to the designs as necessary to make sure that the custom challenge  that roll out meet the needs and standards of the customer, as well as meeting the minting requirements. How much it will cost you though is dependent on how many challenge coins you want made. It is cheaper to have challenge coins produced in bulk rather than in small batches.

You can also have some specialty features added to your challenge coins like enameled colors or a bright metallic finish to make your custom challenge  more eye-catching. This will, however, bring up the cost per coin.

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