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Made for More is in the dreaming stage.  We know that some initiatives are part of the plan and others are under consideration.  Several future initiatives include:

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Made for More wants to curate some of the best resources out there in the area of calling, or purpose.  Check them out!

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the buford library

More than three decades ago, Bob Buford launched a movement that enabled 100x kingdom results in churches, leaders and ministries around the world.  It’s now our turn to carry on what Bob started.

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the reason we exist

We believe that churches thrive and followers of Christ live more abundantly when they embrace their unique design and pursue their calling.  For the individual, Made for More exists to challenge and guide men, women, boys and girls as they discover and engage their unique, God-given purpose. For the church, Made for More works to come alongside every church in an effort to release every Christ-follower into their God-given purpose. We love the local church and believe that one’s calling is most effectively explored and lived out in the context of community.

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Made for More has some exciting offerings in store for the future.  Let us know the best way to stay in touch with you.